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Academic Council

(1) Academic Council of the University consisting of the following:-

(a) the Vice Chancellor who shall be its Chairperson;

(b) the Pro-Vice Chancellor;

(c) the Deans of Faculties;

(d) the Secretary to Government of Balochistan, Colleges, Higher & Technical Education Department, or his nominee not below the rank of (B-20)

e) five members representing the academic departments / other departments / institutes / affiliated colleges and the constituent colleges to be nominated by the Chancellor on recommendations of the Vice Chancellor on rotational basis;

(f) two Principals of constituent / affiliated colleges, to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor on rotational basis;

(g) five Professors including Emeritus Professors, to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor on rotational basis;

(h) the Registrar;

(i) the Controller of Examinations; and

(j) the Librarian.

(2) Members of the Academic Council shall hold office for three years.

(3) The Academic Council shall meet at least once in each quarter and at least 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting of the Syndicate

(4) The quorum for meetings of the Academic Council shall be one half of the total number of members, a fraction being counted as one

Powers and functions of the Academic Council

(1) The Academic Council shall be the principal academic body of the University and shall, subject to the provisions of the Act and the Statutes, have the power to lay down proper standards of instruction, research and examinations and to regulate and promote the academic life of the University and the colleges.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing powers, and subject to the provisions of this Act and the Statutes, the Academic Council shall have the power to:-

a) approve the policies and procedures pertaining to the quality of academic programmes;

(b) approve academic programmes;

(c) approve the policies and procedures pertaining to student related functions including admissions, expulsions, punishments, examinations and certification;

(d) approve the policies and procedures assuring quality of teaching and research;

(e) recommend the policies and procedures for affiliation of other educational institutions;

(f) propose to the Syndicate schemes for the constitution and organization of Faculties, teaching departments and boards of studies;

(g) appoint paper setters and examiners for all examinations of the University after receiving panels of names from the relevant authorities;

(h) institute programmes for the continued professional development of University Teachers at all levels;

(i) recognize the examinations of other Universities or examining bodies as equivalent to the corresponding examinations of the University;

(j) regulate the award of studentships, scholarships, exhibitions, medals and prizes;

(k) frame Regulations for submission to the Senate through Syndicate;

(l) prepare an annual report on the academic performance of the University; and

(m) perform such functions as may be prescribed by Regulations.