QEC QA Guidelines

QEC QA Guidelines

QA Guidelines
QEC has become an integral part of the University for Enhancing the Academic Quality, for this purpose QEC is struggling hard to streamline the academic activities. QEC has put the following guidelines for Quality Assurance at departmental level.

1) Maintenance of Register
(i). The registers for each course should be maintained as an evidence of how many lectures have been delivered by a teacher during the semester.
(ii). The shortage of attendance should be displayed on Notice Board 15 days before the midterm test and 15 days before the final semester examination and only the students having 75% attendance should be allowed to sit in Exam.

2) Course File
The Course File giving details of each lecture to be delivered in a semester need to be submitted to the QEC and circulated among the students as well.

3) Question Paper Setting
The subjective part of a paper should be of 60% marks and the objective part of 40% marks.
Most of the objective questions should be MCQs, MCQ carrying 01 mark.
Repetition of a topic must be avoided.
The question paper must cover whole of the course.
In final exams, the course of the midterm will not be excluded.

4) Results
The answer sheets of students must be shown to the students for which the concerned teacher will put a notice on the Notice Board about the last date of review of answered sheet by the students.
The result must be submitted to Controller of Examination within 72 hours after the final semester exam.
The answer paper which getting 80% marks will be reviewed by the Departmental Committee.
The answer papers getting 85% marks will be reviewed by the committee constituted by Controller of Examination.

5) Sessional Work
The sessional marking which is based on students’ attendance should be discouraged.
The topics for the assignments given to students must be different from the course plan but it may be the supporting material relating to course plan.
Each student should be given a separate topic for the assignment.