Planning & Development

Planning and Developmen

Directorate of Planning & Development:

The Planning and Development Department (P&DD) of LUAWMS is the department responsible for the preparation and management of the development budget. The four main functions of P&DD are:

1 The compilation of Public Sector Development Program (PSDP)

2 The appraisal of proposals for new development schemes.

3 The monitoring of the on going projects and cross-checking of monitoring data on Individual projects.

4 The development of mid-term plans for the province.

Other functions of Planning & Development Department

1 Planning including policy and development.

2 Co-operation of technical assistance from abroad.

3 Processing of all developments schemes, programs and proposals submitted by other departments and making recommendations to Government thereon.

4 Maintaining liaison with the National Planning Agencies.

5 Equivalence certificate(s) if applicable.Six recent passport size Photographs.

6 Initiation of measures for giving suitable publicity to the Development Plan and educating the public on the results achieved from time to time.