Departments in Faculty of Languages and Literature

Departments in Faculty

With the inception of the LUAWMS, Department of English Language and Literature was established in 2006. The Department obtained the status of a faculty (Faculty of Languages and Literature) in the 15th Syndicate meeting of LUAWMS, held on 25th July 2016 which includes the departments and programs mentioned below:


> Department of Language & literature in English:  The department offers BS English Language & Literature with a vision to empower our students with oral and written communication skills, critical thinking, research aptitude and intellectual novelty. We encourage our students to embrace and appreciate diversity which enables them to excel in fields as diverse as teaching, media, communication, civil service, and many others.

> Department of English Language and Linguistics: Department of English Language and Linguistics is offering BS (English) and MS Linguistics degree program that covers core areas of linguistics. The department provides students the opportunity to acquire profound understanding of language structures, psychological facets of language, sociocultural and sociopolitical perspectives of languages, specifically relevant to regional languages of Pakistan. The department offers research in theoretical and applied linguistics. The program ultimately envisions producing well-trained and productive scholars, sympathetic and intelligent critics, and effective and imaginative teachers and professionals.

> Department of English Language Teaching: As English is a compulsory part of syllabi of all undergraduate and graduate programs in all departments of university, Department of English Language Teaching provides supporting faculty to the other departments of the university for teaching Functional English, Communication Skills, Academic Writing and other language proficiency courses to the students of English as well as other departments of university. This department focuses on empowering students of all departments to use English in all situations, specifically for academic and professional purposes effectively.

> Department of Humanities: Department of humanities includes Islamic Learning, Pakistan Studies. This department also provides supporting faculty to the other departments of university for teaching Islamic learning and Pakistan studies as these subjects are compulsory courses in all undergraduate programs.

> Department of Regional Languages of Balochistan: To cherish the beautiful culture and rituals of Balochistan and to promote the regional languages of Balochistan, Faculty of Language and Literature has planned to establish Department of Regional Languages of Balochistan which is scheduled to be functioning very soon. The department will offer degree programmes, and short courses in regional language of Balochistan.

> Department of Foreign Languages: To appreciate a wide range of literature in foreign languages of the world, and to attract various foreign scholarships from different countries, department of Foreign Language is planned to be established very soon. Initially, the department will start courses in German language. The department will also start courses in French, Spanish and Arabic language in coming years.

> Chinese Language Centre: After the announcement of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project in 2015, there has been an unprecedented surge in the number of students interested in learning Chinese because it will increase employment opportunities for Pakistani students. In this regard, Faculty of Languages and Literature has planned to launch Chinese Language Centre which is scheduled to start functioning 2020.

As English is a compulsory part of syllabi of all undergraduate programs, the importance of this Faculty is further enhanced because of this. Apart from teaching compulsory courses in other Faculties of the university, this Faculty offers four year BS (Honors), two year M.A and two year M.S/MPhil in English (linguistics). We are planning to start PhD in linguistics in autumn 2019. Moreover, English language laboratories have also been launched to improve students’ communication skills.