Department of Social Science

Department of Social Science

Nowadays the World is so dynamic and changes are seen so rapidly due to information and technology that it is at the brink of revolution in every sphere of life within every twenty years. These revolutionary changes have converted the subjects and phenomenas which were once considered as Arts into Science. All such subjects like Mathematics, Statistics, and Religion are now transformed as Science subjects and are taught in a similar fashion.

Since all these subjects are essential and form a basic Component of all the courses taught at the University level therefore it was the dire need of the day that LUAWMS may was the dire need of the day that LUAWMS may also establish a department of basic sciences at the earliest.

With the grace of Almight Allah this task has recently been accomplished and these subjects are taught in the Department of basic sciences Mathematics, Statistics, Sociology, Pakistan, Studies, and Islamic Studies/Ethics. The extensive research work is also carried out by the teachers of this department.
Two Faculty members have been awarded scholarships for higher studies in foreign countries, while one faculty member is doing M-Phil in Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad. This vital step is taken to further strengthen the Faculty and the Research work to be carried out by the Department.

This step would also help LUAWMS for initiating the basic sciences studies at Postgraduate level and even offer M-Phil Programs for such studies in very short span of time.

Mrs. Latifa Mansoor
Assistant Professor
Head of Department