Department of Management Science


The Department of Management Sciences was launched by LUAWMS in 2013 to provide quality education at graduate and post graduate level to the students from all over Pakistan in general and in particular to the students from the far flung areas of Balochsitan. At present the department offers a 04 Years (08 Semesters) degree program leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and 1.5 years Master of Business Administration (MBA). LUAWMS is keen enhancing and improving the department and very soon would announce PhD program in various field of Finance and Management Sciences. The structure of the course(s) is designed in a way wherein the students should be equipped with in-depth knowledge in variety of areas such as Business, Finance, Banking, Marketing and Human Resource Management (HRM), etc to gain competitive advantage in the market. The department and the courses which it offers would expose the graduates to complex matters and challenges in managerial and corporate circles and would enable them to overcome such challenges at regional, nation and international levels.