Code Of Conduct

Academic affairs & Conduct

A. Every student shall observe the following:

1. He must be faithful in his religious duties and respect the conviction of others in matters of religion and customs;
2. He must be loyal to his country and refrain from doing anything which might lower his honor and prestige;
3. He shall be truthful and honest in his dealings with all people;
4. He must respect the elders and be polite to all specially to the women, the children, the old people, the weak and the helpless;
5. He must respect his teachers and others in authority in the University;
6. He must keep his mind clean and be clean in speech, sports and habits;
7. He shall help his fellow beings specially those in distress;
8. He must devote himself faithfully to his duties and obey and follow the rules, instructions, guidelines issued by University authorities from time to time; and 9. He must observe thrift and protect property.

B. No student shall:

1. Smoke in the university;

2. Consume liquor or other intoxicating drugs within the University Campus or during C 2. Consume liquor or other intoxicating drugs within the University Campus or during the instructional, sports or cultural tours or survey camps or enter any such place or attend any such tour or camp while under the influence of any such intoxicants;

3. Organize or take part in any function within the University Campus, organize any club or society of students without permission of University authorities;

4. Indulge into activities involving violence, hatred or contempt;

5. Indulge into activities against Islamic and Pakistan Ideology or National Solidarity;

6. Affiliate himself with any political party or group and organize or take part in holding political gatherings and invite any politicians, expelled or rusticated or debarred students, and anti-social elements in the University campus;

7. Use pressure tactics or political or personal influence in seeking academic concession or financial benefits or in other matters concerning academic and administrative functions of the University authorities;

8. Copy or help others in copying in examinations, or cause by any means any disturbance in examinations including harassment of any teacher or other staff member or staging walk-out himself or by forcing others to do so; 9. Bring, keep or use any kind of weapon or fire arm within the University campus;

10. Use or occupy fully or partially any room or any building of the University campus unauthorized