Audit Section

Audit Section


Audit section encourages the university departments to contact internal audit for advice on internal control procedures,improving efficiency and productivity or to share concerns regarding possible irregularities. All sensitive information received will be kept confidential to the extent possible.

Mission Statement :

Internal Audit and Management Services will proactively and independently identify and assess key business risks and will be catalyst for improving the quality of controls, operation,strategies and plans on behalf of students and members of the university.


To achieve our mission Internal Audit and Management Services will adhere to the following guideline priciples;

– Maintain objectivity at all times; rely on business and professional judgement and adhere to professional standards.

– Anticipate risks and opportunities for improvement;

– Develop a highly motivated professional staff who will contribute to a high level of quality controls and operations and be sought by management for assignments and career opportunities;

– Maintain a strong partnership with the Audit Committee,management and the external auditors to enhance our effectiveness on behalf of students and members of the university.

Scop of Work:

The scope of work of the internal audit function is to determine whether the university’s network of risk management,control and governance processes as assigned and represented by management is adequate and functioning in a manner to ensure:

– Risks are appropriately identified and managed.

– Significant financial,managerial and operating information is accurate,reliable and timely.

– Employees actions are in compliance with policies,standards,procedures and applicable laws and regulations.

– Resources are acquired economically,used efficiently and adequately protected.

– Programs,plans and objectives are achieved.

– Significant legislative or regulatory issues impacting the university are recognized and addressed appropriately.