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QEC Trainings/Workshops - 2017


Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water & Marine Sciences (LUAWMS) in collaboration with Faculty of Languages and Literature, LUAWMS is organizing two workshops for enhancing data analysis skills and obtaining quality research being carried out by post graduate students. In this connection, Director QEC Prof. Dr Illahi Bakhsh Marghazani stated that:

1.      4 day workshop on “Quality Assurance in Academia- Applications of Praat for Computational Analysis of Speech Sounds in Empirical Studies” held on 20-23 February, 2017.

2.      4 day workshop on “Quality Assurance in Academia- Concepts and Applications of SPSS for Social and Biological Research Studies” held on 27-30 March, 2017. Dr Nasir Abbas and Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed will be Resource Persons of the workshops. The Research Supervisors, Co-Supervisors and Post graduate students will be target participants of theses workshops.

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