Faculty of Education


The Faculty of Education will be the first modern pedagogic department of Balochistan and it will be the center of excellence in the field of Quality Education in the country. The two-year ADE and four-year B.Ed. (morning/Evening/ Distance learning) programmes is being launched in to provide better opportunities for professional growth and development of working school teachers in order to make them skilful so they can play a dynamic and vigorous role for achievement of the millennium development goals of universal literacy.


Mission Statement

The Faculty of Education produces teachers and experts by employing innovative techniques and promoting research activities to meet the educational requirements of the region.


Values Statement

Faculty of Education promotes diversity, creativity and accountability for achieving excellence.


Vision Statement

The Faculty of Education aims to become one of the leading institutes of the region in the field of pedagogical sciences and research with qualified and motivated faculty in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Strategic Plan

Faculty of Education constitued a task force of officials which worked vigorously to formulated a viabale ten year strategic plan. Please Click Here to download the document.


Faculty Memebrs

S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr.Gul Hasan Dean M.A. (Method of teaching) M.A(Balochi language) LL.B,LL.M. Ph.D. Linguistics
2 Mr. Noor Mohammad Angaria Chairman M.Phil (Education)
3 Dr.Muhammad Aslam Faculty Member M.Ed,Ph.D
4 Dr.Muhammad Shafi Faculty Member B.Ed., Ph,D
5 Dr.Nasir Abass Faculty Member M.Ed,Ph.D
6 Ms.Saira Bano Faculty Member M.A. (English)

Established Department/s

S.No. Department Name Year of Establishment
1 Department of Elementary Education 2012-13

Future Plans

  • Offer new programmes such as distance education.
  • Offer in-service training programmes.
  • Offer special packages to attract qualified faculty and staff from other provinces of Pakistan.
S.No. Department Name Tentative Year of Establishment
1 Centre of Education Extension Services 2013-14
2 Department of Science Education 2013-14
3 Department of Education Planning & Management 2015-16
4 Department of Curriculum & Assessment 2015-16
5 Department of Cognitive Sciences/ Educational Psychology 2017-18
6 Department of Educational Research 2017-18

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