Faculty Of Water Resources Managment

Faculty of Water Resources Management

The Faculty of Water Sciences is one of the four leading Faculties of the Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences. It offers 4 year (8 semesters) degree program with nomenclature “BS Water Resources Management”. This is a unique degree program ever offered by any Pakistani University throughout the country. The curriculum of this degree was designed by a team of well renowned water experts of Pakistan. The curriculum has been processed to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for final approval.

Four year curriculum is a blend of multifarious courses mainly on civil engineering and partly agricultural engineering and environmental engineering disciplines. Water Resources Management is a profession that is responsible for planning, development and management of water resources.

As a discipline, it therefore combines hydrology, hydraulics, environmental science, meteorology, geology, conservation and resource management. This subject area relates to the prediction and management of both the quality and quantity of water in both underground aquifers and surface water resources.

Balochistan province is facing acute shortage of water for its agriculture sector. The initiation of tube wells both diesel and electric and government subsidy on electricity for tube wells have motivated the ground water mining process that had adversely affected the underground water reserves.

The graduates after earning BS degree in Water Resources Management shall be capable of working in key departments like Irrigation Department, WAPDA Water Wing, Public Health Department, Water Management Department, Environment Department, Rural Development Department, EPA, National and International Research Organizations, Universities, NGOs and projects in water sector.