Faculty Of Marine Sciences

Faculty of Marine Sciences

The study of the Marine Sciences and the inter-related disciplines of Oceanography have become increasingly important in recent years. As world becomes more aware of the benefits that can be derived from the coastal and offshore maritime areas. The fascination with the marine sciences continues to grow as new resources found such as economically important minerals embedded in the seafloor and offshore gas hydrates as potential new energy sources and food from the oceans to supplement the depleting land sources.

The ocean has a vast wealth of resources that could contribute towards national economic growth and development through the creation of innovative technology for aquaculture of commercially viable marine species as a new income generating source. Introduction of new fishing and seafood processing technologies, better management of ports and harbors, tourism and recreational sports such as fishing and SCUBA diving, harbor an enormous potential. With the increasing incidences of natural phenomenon such as tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and atmospheric disruptions, marine sciences become even more important. Marine scientists and oceanographers have, for decades, looked to the oceans to develop a better understanding of the global weather patterns and natural phenomena that have a direct bearing on our living and non living resources.

The Marine Science and Oceanography course at the Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences- Uthal, Balochistan are designed as an introduction to the world’s oceans, and to the inhabitants and processes contained within its vast boundaries.

The marine science syllabus at the university will, for the first time in Pakistan introduce national and international maritime policies and conventions that foster conservation and sustainable development of marine resources within and beyond the Exclusive Economic Zones of Pakistan. It is a course designed for students pursuing fundamental and advance careers in the Marine Sciences