Faculty of English Nasir Abbas Profile

Dr. Nasir Abbas
Name  Nasir Abbas
Email  naisrabassla@gmail.com
Phone  +92 344 3695427
Research Area  Linguistics & Language
Number of Publications  35
Designation  Associate Professor
University  Luawms
 PhD  2013  Linguistics  Essex UK
 MA  2009  Language & Linguistics  Essex UK
 MA  1992  Language & Literature  BZU Multan
BA  1990  Literature & Political Science  GEC Multan
B.Ed 1994 Education BZU Multan
EAP 2006 EAP AKU Karachi
LTTS 2007 CCS Indiana. U, USA
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  1. Acoustic Cues are more effective than Universal Grammar or L1 in L2 learning. International conference of language association of Pakistan (ICLAP 2017) at NED University Karachi, 12 October 2017. (Invited Keynote Speaker).
  1. Development of Indo-Aryan and Romani Language. First national conference on language and linguistics shaheed benazir bhutto university Benazir Abad (24-25 November, 2016). (Invited Speaker)
  2. Quantity sensitivity and left-headedness: A case of Arabic loanwords in Saraiki. Presented at the 2nd ICLAP held in the University of the Punjab on 18-20 October, 2016. (Invited Plenary speaker)
  3. Phonological features of Pakistani English. 4th International Conference on Education in Pakistan: Connecting Research and Practice Across Contexts. Education University Lahore, 25 March. 2016.
  4. Asymmetry in Perception and Production of Consonants of English: Negative Interference of an already Acquired Dialect. Presented in 2-Day International Conference: Emerging Trends of Researching Language, Linguistics and Literature, 15-16 December 2015. Air University Islamabad. (Invited Speaker).
  5. Adult Pakistani learners’ difficulties in acquisition of British English consonants. Invited talk in a seminar at the Department of Humanities, NED University Karachi.
  6. ‘Pak-Indian English: A common legacy of British colonialism’. First International conference of Linguistic Association of Pakistan (LAP) at Kinnaird College for Women University Lahore on 10 October, 2015 (Invited presentation).
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